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Successful Online Shopping Carts Use Clear Terminology

A Successful Online Shopping Cart Uses Clear, Easy To Understand Terminology.

Define Specialized Terms.
Almost every kind of business uses a terminology that is understood by the people on that business. This specialized terminology, or jargon, is useful and will communicate a lot to those people who understand it. In some cases it is impossible not to use jargon when describing a product or service. However effective this is, research into the communication of specialized terms indicates that they are not interpreted the same way by everybody.

This pitfall makes it imperative that if you must use jargon, define exactly what you mean by terms that may not be clearly understood by your web site visitors. Extend your customers the courtesy of describing in detail all the products you are selling. Define every term that may not be clear to everyone.

Limit The Use Of Acronyms.
Acronyms are often context driven and are usually clearly understood, when in a proper context. For example, the acronym, 'UPS' in different contexts can be understood to mean United Parcel Service or in a different context when computer supplies are sold, it can be understood to mean, 'Uninterrupted Power Supply'. While this is an extreme example, it illustrates the possibility that acronyms can be misunderstood. Always spell out the acronyms that you might use and make your online shopping cart more user-friendly.

By going the extra length to make the text on your web site clear your online customers will feel more secure in making their selections. You make it possible for novices who might want to purchase the type of products you sell online who are purchasing the product for a friend as a gift or who are new to the type of products you wish to sell. Online shopping carts that make it easy for their customers to understand what they are buying are always more successful than vendors that expect their visitors to know what they mean.

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