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BluePay Payment

  1. Cart Mode:
    Normal: All transactions run through "Normal" mode will be run as live transactions. Test cards will be declined by BluePay with this option.
    Test: Please use only Credit card test numbers when in test mode, BluePay will decline any real credit cards while in test mode.

  2. Type of Transactions Allowed:
    Authorize Only: Transactions will be processed in BluePay. These can be deleted, or captured using the BluePay "Capture" screen.
    Normal Transactions: Transactions cannot be deleted. However, you may still perform a return or refund within BluePay.

  3. BluePay Configuration:
    By default BluePay runs in "Virtual Terminal Only" mode. You will need to change this in the BluePay security settings shown below.

    Simply uncheck the box labeled "Virtual Terminal Only?".
    Optionally, for more security you can check the box labeled "Block unknown website referrals?"

    The shopping cart's referral URL is: