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First Data Global Gateway Connect

First Data may require you to login and change some settings in order to get the cart to properly process orders with the gateway. Orders cannot be processed by the shopping cart until you have updated your settings to match their requirements.

To complete your First Data Global Gateway Settings you may need to:
  1. Login to your payment gateway admin tool at

  2. Select the 'Customization' link.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select
    Settings - Configure your First Data Global Gateway Connect

  4. Populate 'Order Submission Form' with

  5. Populate 'Confirmation Page ("Thank You" Page URL)' with

  6. Populate 'Failure Page ("Sorry" Page URL)' with

  7. Submit the page to save changes.
This should complete your configuration of the First Data Global Gateway system for our shopping cart.

Please note that if you cannot login to "" then you are probably not configured to use First Data Global Gateway, or you have not properly configured step #4, "Payment/Gateway Settings" of the shopping cart administration.

Note: Entering your password is optional, if you prefer you can leave this field blank.