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Standard Cart Language File

The standard cart language file can be downloaded from within the shopping cart administration. You can use this English language file as a basic template to create your own translations for any language.

You can open/edit language files in any UTF-8 capable text editor, or a Language Editor program.

Please note that over time the shopping cart will release new features that require us to update this language file. We will work hard to ensure that your old language files are still compatible. However there will be occasions where new text will be added to the language files. When a new entry is added your customers will see that text in English until you update your custom language files.

Some of the entries in the language file will contain HTML codes such as <a> and </a> if they appear in the English version of the file you must make matching entries in your custom language file.

Once you have created your own language file, you can then use the Upload Custom Language Files tool to add that language to the shopping cart.

Note: Not all text can be translated. Some error messages are not created by the shopping cart. Such as decline messages from your payment gateway, or shipping errors. These error messages will appear in English even after you create your translation files.

Note: Support staff can only provide assistance in English.