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Multi-language Image

Once you have enabled the Upload Custom Language Files extra feature you will be able to upload images in multiple languages. The shopping cart will then automatically display the best image to your shopper based on their browsers language settings.

To create an image that will display in multiple languages simply create a separate image for each language you wish to support. Normally an image would have a name like imageName.jpg. To create a multi language image simply change that to include the ISO 639-1 language code [] as shown imageName.en.jpg or The shopping cart upload tool will automatically detect that the image is a multiple language file and create a corresponding imageName.var multi-language image file. Simply select the imageName.var as your image and the shopping cart will do the rest automatically.

Note: If you are going to Upload Custom Header/Footer/Images then the image URL would be

Note: Support staff can only provide assistance in English.