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Successful Online Shopping Carts Let Customers Change Their Minds

Make Your Online Shopping Cart More User-Friendly By Letting Your Customers Change Their Minds.

When designing your online shopping cart, we always stress that the transactions carried out on your web site should resemble, as much as possible, everyday transactions that people normally make when they shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Put yourself in your customers place. How often do you see people put things back in a when they are in a store. Probably not too often, but it does happen.

You should design your web site in such a manner as to allow people to easily change their mind by including an 'Empty your shopping cart' and a 'Remove items from your shopping cart' button on every page that allows your customers to add a product. Some online shopping carts do put both of these buttons on all of their product pages and their customers are likely to become frustrated and either exit the web site or empty the shopping cart.

Avoid this situation by allowing your customers to remove specific items from their list of products. That will make their experience with your web site more satisfying and get them back in the future

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