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PayPal - Express

PayPal Express has the following requirements:
  1. Currently only supports USD currency transactions.
  2. You must have a PayPal business account, and go through the Website Payments Pro application process.
Once you have been approved, you can download your API certificate as follows:
  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. Hover over the name at the top right and click on “Account Settings”
  3. In the “Account access” section go to the “API access section” and click on the “Update” link
  4. Go down to the section for NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) and click on the “Manage API credentials”
  5. On the “Manage API certificate” page you will see your API username, API password and a section to manage your “API certificate”
  6. Create a new API certificate or Renew and expired one
  7. Take note of the API username/password you will need to enter this into the shopping cart
  8. Click "Download Certificate" and save it on your computer
Now that you have saved the PEM to your computer, you will need to upload the file to the cart administration area as follows:
  1. Log into your shopping cart account administration.
  2. Go to step 4, "Payment/Gateway Settings".
  3. Enable "PayPal Express" from the type of order transactions allowed.
  4. The page will refresh and you will be able to enter your API Username and password.
  5. Then use the "Browse" button next to the API Certificate option to browse your computer and upload the file.
  6. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of step 4 to save the information.


We have had some merchants, most using Macs but some Windows 10, that tried to create and upload new PayPal API Certificate and the cart error on them. We have had some of them inform us that the API Cert file name had single quotes (‘) in front and behind the file name. When those merchants remove/rename the file without those quotes and then re-uploading it worked and fixed the issue. It still needs to the be exact same file name just without the single quotes that somehow were added by their computers when saving the API Cert out of PayPal.

Type of transactions

  • Authorize - You will manually need to "capture" the funds in your PayPal account after you ship your order
  • Capture - Fully automated payment

Checkout Locations

  • Mark flow - A PayPal payment type appears on the payment page, similar to the way Visa and Mastercard appear as payment types
  • Shortcut - A PayPal check out button appears on the view cart page, similar to our normal check out button
  • All - Both location above will be used