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eBay Basic Walkthrough

Please follow these user friendly instructions on how to set up your cart with your merchant account so that you will be able to process credit cards for your eBay auctions.

After you have completed these instructions, your cart account will be authorized in your eBay account. From that point, for any eBay item that is confirmed for purchase or won in auction, the cart system will automatically send an email to your customers that includes a "Checkout" button that allows your customers to pay for the item.

If you do not have an existing eBay Seller account, please first obtain one at
  1. Login to with your assigned cart username and password.
  2. Connect the cart to your gateway account by going to the section called "Cart Settings", and the subsection, "Payment/Gateway Settings" and doing the following:
    1. Select your gateway.
    2. Enter the requested gateway information.
  3. Go to the �Extra Features� section of the cart, and then click on the link, "eBay Auctions". This is located in the left-side menu.
  4. Click on �eBay sign in�. This will take you to the eBay website.
  5. Login to eBay.
  6. Click �Agree and Continue�. It will display a page explaining when to update the authorization.
  7. Click on �Click Here to continue�.
  8. On this page you are given three options.
    1. The typical merchant will list all of their products directly into eBay, or use a listing tool like �Turbo Lister�. If this describes you, click on the top option.
    2. You also have the option to list auctions to eBay through the cart tool �Inventory Control�. If you want to be able to use both, click on the middle option.
    3. If you do not want to list directly in eBay and want to list through the cart exclusively, click on the bottom option.
  9. Default Shipping Settings or Inventory Control.
    1. If you chose option (a) or (b) in step 8, you will now be able to set up some default shipping and handling settings. These settings will only be used if you do not have shipping set up in the auction. You can set up a flat fee using �Handling Charge�, and/or allow the cart to calculate a shipping amount by entering an �Item Weight�, and a �Ship Method�. Your cart is now ready to be used to take payment for your auctions. The following steps are only for those that wish to use the Shopping Cart Inventory Control tool to list auctions to eBay.
    2. If you chose option (c) in step 8, you can now add auction items to the cart�s "Inventory Control" tool. Click on �eBay Auctions� in the left menu.
  10. Select �Add A New Product - Using Cart Inventory Control�.
  11. Enter the auction item information and click �Save�.
  12. When complete, you will click on, �Search/Edit An Existing Product" within the cart and a list of all entered items will appear.
  13. Select the item(s) to add to eBay by clicking �eBay� in the same column as the item to be formatted and sent to auction.
  14. Now these items can be completely described and transmitted to eBay for auction without having to switch back and forth between the cart and
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