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Multiple Languages in Custom Text

Once you have enabled the Upload Custom Language Files extra feature you will be able to enter text into nearly all shopping cart configuration options in multiple languages.

To create a multiple language text box you need to split your text up with language delimiters. If the cart cannot find a matching language for your shopper, the first one in your list will be displayed as the default.

Language Delimiter
A language delimiter uses an ISO 639-1 language code [] surrounded by two equal signs (==) on each side. For example the English delimiter would be ==en==. Place your text after each language delimiter as shown below.

Normal example of just one language:
Rush Order

Example of "Rush Order" in three languages:
==en==Rush Order==es==Orden de acometidas==fr==Commande Urgente
If no matching language is found, then the first one in the list will be displayed by default.

Note: A language delimiter will not be used unless you have also uploaded a template in the Upload Custom Language Files tool.

Note: Support staff can only provide assistance in English.