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Upload Custom Language Files

Use custom language files and images to translate the shopping cart into other languages.

This feature requires that you provide the translation files based upon our Standard Cart Language File template or use a Multi-language Image. You can use a Language Editor to help you create your custom language files.

Using Special Characters
The language files support any UTF-8 character. However if you need a special symbol or letter that is not in the UTF-8 character set, then you can also use standard HTML entities.

Naming Your Language Files
When you have finished editing a new language file you must save it with a specific name so that the shopping cart can identify which language the file is for. The name of the file must begin with the phrase "cart." and then the ISO 639-1 language code [].

Example language file names:
LanguageFile name
North American Englishcart.en-us.lng
British Englishcart.en-gb.lng

Languages and Custom Text
Several shopping cart options allow you to enter custom text in the shopping cart administration tool. If you would like to enter custom text for multiple languages please follow the FAQ for Multiple Languages in Custom Text

Note: Support staff can only provide assistance in English.